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Where heat is needed.

Polarn Innovation is the family company that has worked in the heating industry for over 40 years.

Our long experience guarantees the best technical solutions, and a high and consistent quality.

We are very proud to have customers in the Armed Forces, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, the telecom industry, Fjällräddningen and the Police.

Flexible heater

Heating installation in vehicles


Polarn Flexivärmare provides the complete heating installation for trucks of all kinds - everything from the small transport truck to the large truck.

Compact Heater

Portable heat source

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compact heater.jpg

Polarn Compact heater is a portable and flexible hot air unit adapted for work in areas such as electricity / telecommunications and the rescue service.

Water heater

Easy-to-install water-borne air heater that does not encroach on the cargo space.



Tank & Battery unit

The unit is delivered pre-connected and complete with batteries, charger and diode.



Fuel tank

The tank consists of a 25 liter can, tank outlet and protective cover.


since 1974

Since its inception in 1974, Polarn Innovation has developed and manufactured products that promote the work environment in many different work areas. During these educational years we have accumulated experience when it comes to customized product solutions. Our strength lies in close cooperation with our customers and their knowledge of the necessity of practical and functional products. 
About 30% of our products are exported.


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