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We design and produce the products in Cad environment and our own machine park. A close collaboration with the subcontractors contributes to high quality and large production capacity. Our products are under constant development, as is our quality and environmental policy.

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New design! Smaller and lighter.

Now available in both 12V and 220V versions.

Equipped with the latest Eberspächer Airtonic heater

Polarn Compact heater is the portable and flexible hot air unit adapted for work in areas such as electricity / telecommunications and the rescue service. The heater is very suitable for heating small to large work and protection tents and as emergency heating for crash-damaged vehicles. The heater is an important tool in the fight to save lives in accidents in the cold. Also suitable for drying cables and has a number of other uses>

Polarn Compact heater is complete with fuel tank, approx. 1.5 m hot air hose, exhaust pipe and cable for connection to battery box, converter or power plant 12V or 220V. High operational reliability is guaranteed by the unit having a built-in diagnostic system that indicates the operating conditions. Investing in a Compact heater pays off quickly not only due to the low operating costs but above all thanks to the time savings during repairs and rescue work.

Power: 1.0-4.0kW

Air volume: 185 kg / h

Tank volume: 5 liters

Fuel: Diesel

Fuel consumption: 0.13-0.51 l / h

Power consumption: 7-40 W

Voltage: 12 / 220V

Weight unladen: 11 kg

Height: 460 mm

Width: 225 mm

Length: 365 mm

Art. No. 220 / 12V: 744 080

Art. No. 12V: 744 085


Areas of use

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As emergency heat in accidents where the victims are exposed to cold for a longer period of time. Designed to be enclosed in for example an emergency vehicle.

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As a heat source in temporary houses and tents e.g. greenhouses, rental tents etc.

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As temporary heating at construction sites, work machines, vehicles and heating of tools.


In connection with various repair work to heat wells, pipe systems, pump stations, work trolleys and service vehicles.

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For maintenance work on boats etc. and for heating containers with cold-sensitive products.

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For heating within the national
defence of pieces, machines,
vehicles, repairs, exercises,
occasional camps, tracked vehicles
and passenger transports.

Polarn Innovation is the family company that has worked in the heating industry for over 40 years.

Our long experience guarantees the best technical solutions, and for a high and consistent quality.


We are very proud to have customers in the Armed Forces, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency,
the telecom industry, Fjällräddningen and the Police.

The Polarn Compact Heater 4000 is:

  • User friendly

  • Reliable

  • Complete

  • High power

  • Environmentally friendly

Download manual in pdf format:


Compact Heater 400 0



Compact Heater 400 0


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