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We design and produce the products in Cad enivronment and our own machine park. A close collaboration with the subcontractors contributes to high quality and large production capacity. Our products are under constant development, as is our quality and environmental policy.

The hottest choice when it comes to heating installations
in vehicles for goods and comfortable working environment

The flexible heater provides the complete heating installation for trucks of all kinds, everything from the small local transport truck to the large truck.

Flexi_160810 red.jpg

The flexible heater offers a number of benefits:

  • The heaters are delivered complete - all from the same supplier

  • Easy to install - low installation costs

  • High reliability - low need for service

  • High quality - long service life and trouble-free use

  • Service-friendly design - easy to maintain

  • Low total cost - always profitable

This heater fulfills two functions that are becoming increasingly important

  • Keeps the goods at an even and correct temperature

  • Gives the driver a good working environment and warmth when loading and unloading

Our heaters are complete. The assembly kits include cables, wires and pipes pre-assembled for electricity as well as fuel and exhaust gases. The heaters have a vacuum-shaped protective cover made of impact-resistant plastic and the burner is assembled in a chassis of galvanized metal. The burner is very easy to access for service and maintenance. Because the heater is so easy to install, the standing time during installation is very short. This contributes to a low total cost for the heating installation.

If you have any special request regarding the installation, we are happy to help you with a customized solution. We also have a large assortment of different accessories for the heaters. A large service network throughout Europe provides security wherever you are.

Which flexible heater should I choose?

Cabinet size

At each installation, the heat demand should be taken into account with regard to the desired temperature and whether the car operates in southern or northern parts of the country.

Flexi 2200   Insulation approx. 10 m³  Good insulation approx. 18 m³

Flexi 4000  Insulation approx. 16 m³   Good insulation approx. 32 m³

Flexi 5500   Insulation approx. 24 m³  Good insulation approx. 48 m³

Flexi 8000  Insulation about 40 m³    Good insulation approx. 80 m³

Flexi 11000  Insulation approx. 60 m³  Good insulation approx. 120 m³

Facts Polarn Flexi Heater

Our range includes a large selection of both timers, thermostats and remote controls.
If you need an extra tank and battery group on a trailer, there are several models to choose from.

  • Protective cover

  • Galvanized chassis

  • Air tubes

  • Burner

  • Complete exhaust with thermal protection

  • Complete pre-assembled cable shaft

More detailed information can be found in our downloadable pdfs (in Swedish)

A complete Polarn Flexi Heater

We are happy to assist with various network of canals systems and special adaptations. Polarn Innovation is based on Eberspächer's heater program. Polarn Flexi Heater is available in five standard versions. In addition to these, there is also a special range of Polarns Flexi Heaters, contact us for more information.

Flexi_160810 2 red.jpg

Flexi recessed 2200/4000. Our recessed Flexi heater is completely made of vacuum-shaped ABS where the heater is pre-assembled. It can be surface-mounted or recessed through the front stem for mounting from inside the cabinet. This makes the heater very easy to service without, for example, dismantle the windscreens.

Length: 700mm Height: 250mm Width: 200mm

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Chaufförvägen 20
831 48 Östersund

Phone: 063-13 11 90
Mobile: 070-689 08 81 

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